Area Competitions. December and January. Please refer to the map and contact information below, and contact the area leader associated with your region.

Written Event Judging. January, 2017 via online access. Registration for written event judging is open now - Click Here

State Career Development Conference. Friday, March 3, 2017 in Bellevue, WA.

What is it like to serve as a judge? Click here to find out! 

A critical component of a student’s DECA experience is the participation in DECA’s competitive events program. These events apply learning, making the connection to business, and directly contribute to every student being college or career ready by focusing on the following outcomes:

Academically Prepared
DECAs competitive events provide a vehicle for members to demonstrate National Curriculum Standards through individual or team activities and to develop and employ the key skills of analysis, application of knowledge, creative problem solving, and logical presentation.

Community Oriented
DECAs competitive events help members explore their communities, participate in an environment of cooperation, and recognize their responsibility to the community.

Professionally Responsible
DECAs competitive events encourage members to develop ethics, integrity, and high standards while assuming responsibility for self-improvement and self-discipline

Experienced Leaders
DECA’s competitive events provide constructive avenues for team expression, initiative, and creativity. Students participate at the local regional level in early January, with the winners proceeding to state competition in early March.


Washington Deca map by area

Washington Deca map by area


Area 1: Karen Morton, Lake Stevens High School

Area 2: Jodi Galli, Cascade High School

Area 3: Marc Hillestad, Cedarcrest High School

Area 4: Lovenia Smith, Roosevelt High School

Area 5: Mark Zender, Kentwood High School

Area 6: Brad Charvet, Grandview High School

Area 7: Paul Stoltenberg, Rogers High School (Puyallup)

Area 8: Randy Wilson, Lakes High School

Area 9: Greg McCormick, Mark Morris High School

Area 10: Matt Pakinas, Wenatchee High School

Area 11: Robin Barnhart, Central Valley High School