Featured Chapter: Grandview DECA's Car Wash Success!

On Friday June 19, 2014, a beautiful day called for a car wash, and you bet Grandview DECA was in! The officer team gathered their materials, towels, hoses, vacuums, posters, and their DECA spirit to make this event a success. They held their car wash at El Mercado, a local business that provided them with their lot space to wash cars. The car wash was set up in different sections: rinsing, scrubbing, rinsing again, drying and vacuuming the car floors. They ran it from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m., with about 50 cars coming through. Their goal was to raise $500.00, but with the charge of $5.00 for a wash, and any donations accepted, Grandview DECA surpassed that amount and raised about $667.00. The money that was raised was used to help support their travel to Washington D.C. for the Emerging Leader Summit that will be held later this summer. Grandview DECA is ready for their next car wash, which will be coming up soon—and they hope for it to be just as successful. They thank their entire community for being so supportive, and they look forward to continuing to raise funds for their travel.