How WADECA changed my life? WADECA allowed me to exercise my love of public speaking and for accessories marketing all the way to ICDC. I’m now applying to business school for a marketing degree, and I couldn’t be more excited! DECA solidified my decision to be a business major, and I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned and all the memories I have.
— Nisha M, DECA Member
DECA was a huge jump start for me into my professional career. It taught me how to interview effectively and Mrs. Zawatski was a great mentor.
— Jeremy W, DECA Alum
I joined DECA my senior year of high school and 100% regretted not doing it sooner. It gave me a voice, and it gave me the confidence to go to interviews, be a strategic thinker, and be a leader. Once I got into college and joined my schools team there I noticed an even more profound change in myself. I felt confident, even more so than before I felt like I had an even bigger voice, and had more to prove to myself and everyone around me watching. I was a leader in my team. I’ve carried that through to interviews I’ve had with potential employers and they always admire my ability to speak with them. I don’t hold back, I’m direct, and honest, and I know how to role play any scenario. I truly believe DECA has helped me grow as an individual and I would recommend it to any one in fact I encourage it especially if speaking isn’t your strong suit. It’s a scary concept going in to speak with judges about something you may not know. But that’s the beauty of it; you over come those fears and you learn to role play and think quickly on your toes. It’s a skill everyone should have and the only place to learn them is DECA.
— Andy C, DECA Alum
DECA has forever changed my life. Without DECA and my wonderful advisor Erin Ruehl I would not have had any idea what to do in my future. Thanks to DECA I found a passion in the business field and I am pursing a business degree at Washington State University. Thank you DECA for such amazing experiences that I will never forget.
— Cheyanne R, DECA Alum
As a senior in college I still find myself telling the story of how DECA inspired my love for marketing and set me on the path to where I am today. DECA provided such a valuable space to have fun, explore business, and be acknowledged for individual and group accomplishments. Through DECA I experienced both failure and success in a supportive environment, which gave me the confidence to take risks and challenge myself in future academic and professional endeavors. As I entered a business program as a marketing major for college, I was so far ahead of my peers who had not been exposed to clubs like DECA in high school. DECA inspired me in so many ways, and my DECA advisor and high school marketing teacher is still a role model for me today!
— Audrey V, DECA Alum